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Covid-19 pandemic has affected the health of the public and economy severely. It has affected every industry without partiality and disturbed global value chains for businesses. Most of the companies are shut and others are facing difficulties. Relocation industry is no exception.

The lockdown of one-third of the world's population is wreaking havoc to travel back and forth to work while most of the employees are willing to relocate.

Is it safe to relocate during covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, moving during the COVID-19 pandemic is safe as long as you follow guidelines on social distancing, hand washing, and other practices. The packers and movers are considered low risk for the transmission of coronavirus. They typically help one or two customers per day and are maintaining social distancing during the process.

But relocation does not end with packers and movers, a lot of different verticals are considered. The first and foremost is travel. Since a few international and domestic flights have resumed, travel has become quite easy, yet fares have been skyrocketing. Stay, on the other hand, is a crucial part. As most of the hotels are closed or either has increased the rates.

Here are a few things Flytta is abiding to:-

At this time, most of the major moving companies are not shut. While working with packers and movers, here a few things people who want to relocate should keep in mind:

To make your relocation hassle-free, we at FLYTTA integrated everything in a mobile application.

FLYTTA has partnered with large enterprises to help their employees to relocate. With the help of cutting-edge technology, FLYTTA has moved 10,000+ employees workstations since the lockdown has started.

Our goal is to ensure everything is efficient and transparent. At the same time, manage overall costs and deliver the best service at a good price. This again, can be seamlessly achieved through the use of technology in the field of IoT and analytics.

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